If you are going on holiday, Reptile Retreat is pleased to offer a home boarding facility for your reptiles. We supply all standard food and fully equipped reptile enclosures in various sizes to suit your reptile or tortoise.

You will know that your pets are being kept in a safe, clean and secure environment with someone who has professional reptile experience while you are on holiday or business.

All our vivariums come with sophisticated heating and lighting systems supplied in our caring home environment.


Please book early for peak holidays, e.g. School holidays, Christmas, etc.


You can book your animals via our online booking form, email or telephone, and we will gladly deal with your request.


Our Guests


You will be charged £5.00 a day per enclosure for the accommodation of your animal. Prices are set by the use of electrical power from heating and lighting, not by the size of the enclosure.

First-time customers will be asked to give a small deposit at handover. The deposit amount depends on the boarding length and will be deducted from your final invoice.


We have a range of different types of enclosures for your animal. We have 2ft, 3ft & 4ft vivariums with thermostatic heating units and UV lighting. We also offer small and large Comtico reptile tubs, all with heat pads & spotlights.


We offer a variety of different food types for your animal while it stays at Reptile Retreat:


Moult Hoppers - £2.50 per tub

Large Locusts 15 in a tub - £2.50 per tub

Crickets (2nd, 3rd, 4th, Standard & Large) £2.50 per tub

Wax Worms - £2.00 per tub

Mice - £2.00 each

Rats - £3.00 each


Salad/Vegetables for Tortoises:

Small tortoise - £4.00 per week

Medium tortoise - £6.00 per week

Large tortoise - £7.00 per week (sulcata or equivalent)


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